CNBC confirms Kia Motors partnership with Apple

CNBC confirms Kia Motors partnership with Apple


CNBC reported on Apple's car project. The statements confirmed the claims, which were revealed yesterday and announced that Kia Motors and Apple had agreed. But Apple will not be content with just that. Allegedly, the company is looking for new partners.

In a news we shared with you yesterday, we mentioned that US-based tech giant Apple has reached a preliminary agreement with Kia Motors for the car project, which has been number one on the agenda recently, and that signatures can be signed on February 17.And today there was a new development on this issue. CNBC, one of the well-established news sources, made its own statements on the issue. In statements, the Kia Motors deal with Apple was confirmed.

According to information from CNBC, it is no longer a secret that an agreement has been reached between Apple and Kia Motors. With the $ 3.6 billion investment, Apple will enable Kia Motors to produce cars for itself. But the deal will not be limited to just that. According to CNBC, Apple's number one partner in the auto project will be Kia Motors. But the tech giant is in talks with other representatives of the auto industry and is looking for new partners.

Apple's first car to be fully autonomous

CNBC's story contains an interesting detail. Apple's claims about the car project so far have shown that this car will have autonomous driving systems, as well as an electric motor structure. CNBC also supports this claim, saying that the car will be fully autonomous and will not need a driver, nor will it be manufactured for drivers. According to CNBC, This is due to the fact that the first Apple Cars released are being developed for delivery and transportation companies, not for consumers like us.

In fact, CNBC's emphasis, especially on fully autonomous, is very remarkable. Because today, there is no fully autonomous car. Even Tesla, which is the best in this area, has not reached the desired level in terms of autonomous vehicles. As a matter of fact, the fact that Apple will be able to come across such an advanced car in a few years will be a big revolution for the auto industry.

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